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In the 1920s, childrens dreams were born. They were given life in the form of The Walt Disney Company, thanks to Walter E. Disney and his brother, Roy O. Disney. The iconic symbol of that company, Mickey Mouse himself, was created in 1928. In the near decade that has passed, Disney has reached the adoring masses through movies, cartoons, books, theme parks, resorts, a cruise line, television and, naturally, merchandising.

Disney characters are instantly recognizable. With each new animated movie comes another adorable little face to love and with that face there will be a wealth of available merchandise. The Disney brand currently makes its way to toys, clothing, books, home decor and even food. Many of these products become collectibles. To borrow a line from Cinderella s A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, the Disney Consumer Products group ensures that whatever you wish for, you keep.

By virtue of abundance and accessibility, it would seem quite impossible to have a general Disney collection. One would need access to a warehouse to hold it. For this reason, many collectors focus on one element of the Disney brand and that becomes their passion.

Adults, who remember begging Mom and Dad to allow them to eat their dinner in front of the television on a Sunday night because The Wonderful World of Disney was showing a cartoon, became parents who now collect Disney movies for their own children. Many homes have extensive collections of Disney animated movies on VHS tapes or DVDs and these films continue to delight not only the children but also the parents who will gladly watch them time and again.

Disney figurines are a popular adult collectible. Having granted licenses to such renowned names as Hummel, Precious Moments and Lenox, Disney has ensured that adults can continue to enjoy and cherish the magic of their youthful dreams while pursuing a refined, quality collection of valuable limited edition pieces. Goebel s exquisite Mickey s Birthday Party and Land in Sight are just two beautiful examples.

However, not everyone collects for investment value or return on that investment. Some people derive their Disney happiness by collecting representations of a single character. Others opt for smaller collectibles such as snow globes or pins. In fact, Disney pins are highly appealing to collectors because they are quite plentiful, affordable, small and easy to house. There are many Disney pins that cannot be purchased outright because they are special editions created for an event, a holiday or to mark an occasion. As such, pin trading has literally become an all-out craze. Throughout the Disney resorts and venues, including the cruise ships, guests are known to wear their pin displays on their clothing or special vests and even Disney character staff may be seen with lanyards covered in pins. Collectors routinely stop and chat and peruse each other s collections, sometimes finding that perfect swap. Many will spend a great deal of time at resorts' official pin trading stations and Disney also arranges and offers official pin festivals. Once one develops Disney love, it can truly become the happiest of obsessions.

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